Live Big: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Passion, Practicality, and Purpose






“With Ajit Nawalkha’s expert guidance, you’ll tap into the magic ingredient that can help your organization sink or swim: your own outlook. Do not make the fatal flaw of thinking this sounds too simple to matter to you—it’s absolutely crucial. Ajit’s advising guidance has more than transformed my business; it’s transformed my mind-set. I am forever grateful.”

—Lisa Nichols, New York Times bestselling author and CEO of Motivating the Masses

Live Big is a beautiful manifesto to entrepreneurs, change makers, and professionals. Beautifully written, a powerful wake-up call for anybody who wants to take their life to the next level.”

—Vishen Lakhiani, founder and CEO of Mindvalley

“An unconventional approach for entrepreneurs to create a life on their terms. It’s packed with insights, reframes, and perspectives. A fresh approach, Ajit trusts the entrepreneur to know the ‘how-to’ and ‘tactical’ stuff. Live Big focuses on the key to business success: the person actually running the business.”

—Christine Hassler, master coach, international speaker, and bestselling author

“The more successful you become the greater the challenges you often face. Ajit is a secret guide to that paradox. He’s an entrepreneur who has built multimillion-dollar businesses and helped others to do the same. But he does it from the inside out. You see, if strategy and tactics were all that worked, you’d just read Richard Branson’s biography and become a billionaire. Instead, you need to go deeper—much deeper. If you want to Live Big, I highly recommend that you let Ajit be one of your guides.”

Rich Litvin, master coach and coauthor of The Prosperous Coach

“I have just started the book. I love it. I have this feeling that you are talking to me, but I would have never thought I was your audience. I feel excited and grateful . . . knowing that there is something that is just for me within these pages that I never thought to ask. I love the tone and am excited for the journey.”

Tiffany Persons, founder of Tiffany Casting Company and Shine on Sierra Leone

“Finally, a book that considers the entrepreneur and their personal emotional states. Live Big is a perspective and insightful guide, which in just few passages shifts the way you approach your business and life more powerfully.”

—Rajesh Setty, cofounder of Audvisor and author of Smart, but Stuck: When Being Brilliant is Not Good Enough

About the Author

Ajit Nawalkha builds businesses. After failing a startup, struggling through failed partnerships, and going from the ranks of an intern to a co-founder, he found business is lot more about emotional, spiritual, physical and mental resilience—and not as much about strategy. His passion is to help make world a better place. He insists entrepreneurs are going to do that. His endeavor is to empower you so you can be the change world needs.


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