What Should Danny Do? School Day (The Power to Choose Series)






The book is just so much fun for kids! I’ve never seen a book that is so engaging and fun. And the cherry on top: the lessons my kids are learning are life-long lessons that are simply priceless! Perseverance, empathy, kindness, growth mindset… This is the absolute best gift available for any 4-9 year old! —Maya Shanun, Pediatrician & Mother of 5

We use this book during our morning meetings, and my students still request to read it over and over and over again. The discussions we have about Danny and his actions are so great. The kids always point out how Danny’s actions can relate to their own. I believe that the lessons we learn from this book help teach my students how to treat others kindly and be responsible for their actions… I know that it has helped them become more thoughtful. They think about their actions more now than ever before. They’ve become more kind and generous to their classmates and others as the year has gone on. We have become a family based on this book and the first book in the series… Our class has even decided to make our mission statement The Power to Choose! I can’t wait for more Danny books! —Jennifer Lyles, Second Grade Teacher

In my 14 year career as a teacher I have come across many resources to teach social skills, however none of them have been as wonderful as the two What Should Danny Do? books! They motivate my students, and we can refer to them often. When our students are having a problem solving time, we say ‘What would Danny do?’ and the students are able to make the connection between their choice and the book… When a student is having a rough day, we remind them that Danny has the Power to Choose, and so do they. They can turn their day around by changing their choices. —Jessica Peak, Elementary School Teacher


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